McMaster University Retirees Association (MURA)

Every McMaster retiree who was eligible to join a McMaster pension plan when working at the University automatically becomes a ‘regular’ lifetime member of the McMaster University Retirees Association (MURA) when they retire. This includes all retirees, even those who deferred their pension or withdrew their funds when they retired, and those who may have qualified for, but did not join, a pension plan.

There are no membership fees.  MURA’s operating budget is fully funded by income from the Canadian Auto Workers Union Local 555 (CAW555), the McMaster University Faculty Association (MUFA), and McMaster’s Office of the President.

Human Resources provides contact information to MURA Council only if a release of information is signed by the retiree.   MURA urges new retirees to sign this form, which is included in the retirement package.   Any retiree who has not been receiving MURA communications, such as the newsletter, is advised to contact either MURA or HR to provide current contact information and release authorization if required.

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