Message from MUFA President

window with ivy

Dear MUFA members,

Let me echo the statements we’ve been seeing from our university leaders: THANK YOU for all that you are doing during this crisis. The last week has not been easy. It definitely feels much longer than a week, and so much has changed in that time. But the McMaster community remains strong and supportive, and I know that will continue as we work through these crises.

But now it’s the weekend (in case you’d lost track of the days like I had). It’s time to pause and look after yourself for a couple of days. Sleep in. Read a book (for fun). Get outside in the sunshine that’s forecast. Hang out with your family, or maybe get some alone time if you’ve had too much family lately. Cook a meal. Listen to music. Play some music! Dance like no one is watching…. it’s just your kids, and they’re embarrassed of you anyway, so you might as well milk it.

We’ll be back at this on Monday, from our homes, in our new configurations and with our newly-found expertise in technology. Let’s get ourselves rested and relaxed and ready for the new week.

And, as usual, go wash your hands.

Alison Sills
MUFA President