Template message for Canadian websites 

Template Message for Canadian Websites (“notice” and “notice”)

Subject: Copyright Infringement Notice 

To whom it may concern:

This is notice pursuant to section 41.25 of Canada’s Copyright Act that your website service is hosting material that infringes copyright. You are required by section 41.26(1) of the Copyright Act to:

(a)  as soon as feasible forward the notice electronically to the person to whom the electronic location identified by the location data specified in the notice belongs and inform the claimant of its forwarding or, if applicable, of the reason why it was not possible to forward it; and

(b)  retain records that will allow the identity of the person to whom the electronic location belongs to be determined, and do so for six months beginning on the day on which the notice of claimed infringement is received or, if the claimant commences proceedings relating to the claimed infringement and so notifies the person before the end of those six months, for one year after the day on which the person receives the notice of claimed infringement.

Work(s): [Title(s)]
Location(s): [link to URL(s)]
File name: [name, if applicable]
Date and time of infringement: [Date infringement was found and viewed, note also if “ongoing”]
Infringing poster: [name/username/account/other identifying information if available]

I am the author and copyright owner of [the works listed above or, if your work has been used in a larger file, identify the specific parts of the work(s) in which you own copyright]. This/these work(s) has/have been posted to your service without my permission.

Claimant name: [Your name]
Contact information: [business address, email, & phone number]

Please contact me at the email listed above indicating your prompt response.