Template generic Message for other international websites

Template generic Message for other international websites:

Subject: Copyright Infringement Notice 

To whom it may concern:

This is notice that your website service is hosting material that infringes copyright in my material.

Work(s): [Title(s)]
Location(s): [link to URL(s)]
File name: [name, if applicable]
Infringing poster: [name/username/account/other identifying information if available]

I am the author and copyright owner of [the works listed above or, if your work has been used in a larger file, identify the specific parts of the work(s) in which you own copyright]. This/these work(s) has/have been posted to your service without my permission.

Claimant name: [Your name]
Contact information: [business address, email, & phone number]

I request that you remove the infringing material immediately.  Please contact me at the email listed above indicating your prompt response.